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Hey I'm iRazaaL I speedrun many games mostly Mario ones but I'm always looking into improve my time and do better on my runs give me a shout in the form if u need to talk but u can always pm me on my twitch at twitch.tv/iRazaaL


Hey Im NaeLegs, I am pretty new to speedrunning but have been playing games all my life, I mostly do the web design. I do not stream very often, I prefer to upload pre-recorded videos to youtube. The interesting part about me is that i play all games with one hand, due to a medical condition, but this doesn't stop me from playing well!


Names Falumps A.K.A Dylan. When I'm not drinking Red Bull or being better than IRazaaL at Mario I'm usually playing games that make me tear my hair out like Dark Souls 2 which I'll be speedrunning at speedstreamers! Anyway if you have any questions shoot 'em my way in the forums. Cheers for reading!


Hello, My name is Martin, I play by the namASCOTTISHBLOKE. One of my favorite games to play is Minecraft and I have a short (and not very protessional) play through. I speedrun Dino Crisis 2 on my twitch along with a few permadeath runs. I hope you enjoy my segment of the stream and donate!  


Howdy, I'm Shiner. I do games and stuff, I'm a new player in the speedrunning scene and my game of choice at the moment is Mike Tyson's Punch-Out (the american version in case anyone was wondering), I'll update this when I have more to say, for now I hope everyone enjoys my attempts at not failing <3!!


Hey there folks, i'm TheLoyalLink and I'm here to play ALL the Games... And by all the games i mean Fallout: New Vegas. I'm Very new to the Speedrun Scene but I find it really enjoyable and the community is great, you might see more of me in future, so at any rate, look forward to a great stream guys!

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