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Welcome to the speed streamers official website

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What is SpeedStreamers?

SpeedStreamers is a charity video game marathon. The events feature speed runners, playing games fast for donations from viewers of the events. SpeedStreamers is currently working with Child's Play a charity to help kids who are in hospital.

The events are streamed live, free, here and on Twitch TV.

Donations are sent directly to the charity for that event.

Multiple Events Annually

Coming up: Speed Streamers run practise

SpeedStreamers 2014 is coming soon! The official dates are.

More information will be available on our site in the coming weeks as we flesh out our new design. so take a look and mark your calendars!


The group will always stream from the twitch.tv channel "speedstreamshttp://www.twitch.tv/speedstreams


events will be announced a few days in advance via social media websites (see bottom of page) 


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